Bahamas Capital Management ("BCM") Ltd. has been providing a full range of services in relation to offshore companies, trusts, partnerships and other tax effective structures. Enclosed you will find a list of our principal services along with our standard charges, methods of payment and application forms. There are also several fact pages explaining, for example, the structure of trusts and also information on some of the more popular offshore jurisdictions.

If after reading our information you wish to proceed with the purchase of a company or trust without further consultation, please call, write to or e-mail us for any additional information you require. All clients' affairs are handled on a professional and personal basis, with secrecy and confidentiality assured. We look forward to hearing from you and to the opportunity of being of service.

There are numerous choices for your formation agents here in the Bahamas and at a wide range of prices. As with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for and for the cheap and cheerful, mass-produced companies provide you with little more than the basic and probably almost zero support. If you intend to make use of your company to improve your financial and legal state, an agent who will provide you with a complete infrastructure and on going support is essential and well worth the additional cost. Formation of an offshore company is simple and the full management facilities you will need are available through us, Bahamas Capital Management Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas, we can "walk you through" the process and arrange to open your bank account with a major bank. Bahamas Capital Management has been established in the Bahamas for the past three years. At BCM Ltd. we provide professional and confidential offshore management services. We have representatives in our office that are fluent in German, French, Swiss and English. Our staff is committed to providing service for the international citizen and stands ready to provide company management, administration and investment services. The costs are rapidly recovered by the tax savings made. We provide the advice and assistance you may need on an ongoing basis. We also provide you with an established offshore corporation with all the office, mail, telephones and fax services to support it as a working company and our staff is there for you on a personal and daily basis.

The concept is especially attractive to self-employed persons, small or large businesses, investors who wish to accumulate profits by investing from offshore, those with high net-worth and individuals seeking protection of their assets from litigation, excessive taxes or estate duties. Also, for persons wishing to move new or existing business offshore, we can provide contract management services to meet all their needs.

There are many attractive investment opportunities available to you through the use of an International Business Company (IBC). We welcome visitors to our office here in Nassau. Unlike many people offering to form "offshore companies", we are genuinely offshore and your company will not be merely a brass plate on an attorney's office door. We look forward to discussing your particular requirement in complete confidentiality and without obligation.

International Tax Planning

Bahamas Capital Management Ltd. has experience in assisting clients in the minimization of tax liabilities by the proper and effective use of international corporate structures. We also offer:

  • Tax and estate planning
  • Fiscal consultancy services

Corporate and Trust Establishment, Administration and Management in all Major Jurisdictions Services provided by our offshore divisions include:

  • Establishment of trusts world-wide
  • Establishment of companies world-wide
  • Provision of company directors and officers, registered offices, nominee shareholders
  • Maintenance of statutory records, filing returns, and fulfilling all local requirements
  • Administration services including the operation of bank accounts
  • Establishment of Offshore Banks and Associated Consultancy Services

Bahamas Capital Management expertise in assisting clients in gaining access to the local financial institutions, coupled with experience in the establishment of offshore structures enable us to offer clients:

The means to establishing offshore and world-wide banks

Provision of banking administration services

Auditing and Accounting

As an ancillary service to the formation and administration of companies throughout the world, we can offer our clients:

  • Advice on audit requirements world-wide
  • Professional bookkeeping services by qualified staff
  • International Trade Finance and Import/Export Services

This function is provided by Bahamas Capital Management trading division which has access to financial institutions and insurance agencies to cater for a wide range of client requirements, incorporating:

  • Negotiating trade finance
  • Professional expertise and assistance in handling a wide range of international trade transactions, including letters of credit, documentary collections, bonds, guarantees, and barter and counter trade - The Bahamas Capital Management Ltd, provide access to all major global markets and financial products, including the United States, International Stocks, Bonds, Options and tax free Mutual Funds. Our investment and trading accounts can be quickly and easily set up and offer the flexibility of numerous premium facilities.
  • At Bahamas Capital Management Ltd., all investment management services are performed by highly qualified individuals. The investment professionals possess considerable experience and expertise in structuring and managing investment portfolios.
  • Through Bahamas Capital Management Ltd., you will have access to the world's best money management. We provide access to all major global markets and financial products, including the United States, International Stocks, IBO & Canadian Stocks, Bonds, Options and tax-free mutual funds. Our investment and trading accounts can be quickly and easily set up and offer the flexibility of numerous premium facilities:
  • Bahamas Capital Management Ltd. can also offer you the services of trading by advise in any Stocks (United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Asia, etc.)
  • We offer a range of investment choices and services in full confidence and privacy. With the execution, clearing and custodial support of our clearing broker and its office in the United States area one stop source for a diverse array of financial products, equities, securities, options, and more.
  • When you have made a decision and would like to do this business with us every product is taxfree.
  • Maintaining Trading Accounts
  • Fixed term deposit accounts at competitive rates.
  • Trading of securities on any world exchange, upon your request, such as global equities, global bonds, cash and mutual funds.
  • Yacht Registration - Bahamas Capital Management Ltd. can assist with professional advice on suitable locations for registration of commercial shipping and pleasure yachts.

All of our services are conducted in complete privacy.

For a confidential, private consultation or for greater clarification about any of these matters please contact us and our staff would be pleased to assist you.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.