Effective estate planning requires a thorough analysis of the specific circumstances of the client, a review of the alternative courses of action, and a consideration of the most appropriate structure to achieve the established objectives. Nothing can substitute for comprehensive and well-defined planning to ensure long-term security and peace of mind.

Whether the objective is to protect your assets from potential claimants, structure your international business transactions to provide privacy and/or tax mitigation, or simply to ensure that the disposition of your assets takes effect as you desire with minimal or no inheritance tax, then international estate planning is a tool you should be using for your benefit.


Explore the options of structuring your affairs through one or several of the following:

  • International Business Company (IBC)

Can function as a holding company for other entities, assets or real estate. It can function as an international trading company, a self-controlled quasi-trust, or to facilitate tax efficient sale/lease-back and re-invoicing arrangements.
  • Captive Insurance Company

Can decrease the cost of risk coverage, and minimize the tax on premium income.
  • Special Insurance Coverage

The use of insurance policies such as variable annuities or capital-based annuities as investment instruments to minimize taxes.
  • Limited Liability Partnership

An efficient structure for holding real estate or active business interests, which would otherwise have significant tax implications.
  • Limited Duration Company

Created for a specific purpose and time frame.
  • Ship Registration

Provide protection and tax advantage for a private or commercial vessel with lower costs for maintenance:
  • Trust/Protector Services

The certainty of confidentiality of ownership, the comfort of having your wishes implemented in the disposition of your assets.
  • Asset Protection Trusts

The ability to ensure that certain of your assets are removed from the reach of mischievous litigants/claimants.
  • International Portfolio Management

The opportunity to access alternative and lucrative forms of investment; the ability to take advantage of tax opportunities; the advantage of diversification in the international market.
  • Mutual Funds

Diversification of risk and the potential for improved returns; the tax advantage of offshore funds, and the value of private mutual funds.
  • Emigration/Permanent Residency

The ability to be subject to a low tax or tax-free jurisdiction, and the comfort of a second residence in times of crises.
  • Immigration Trust

The ability to retain tax-free the benefits of assets acquired prior to transfer between tax jurisdictions.
  • Direct Investment
The opportunity to create a new source of income and utilize if for the accumulation of wealth in a tax-advantaged domicile.

The vehicle most appropriate for you and the jurisdiction amenable to both your present situation and objectives must be chosen after careful consideration of the facts. A strategy and recommended course of action must be able to both sustain and respond to the changes of time with minimal interference or inconvenience.

If there are issues of transfer pricing, reinvoicing, the utilization of double taxation treaties, the determination of permanent establishments, the structuring of international transactions or joint ventures utilizing offshore entities, or simply the taxation of personal or corporate income derived from activity abroad, the individual, corporation or corporate executive affected is advised to seek professional assistance.

Montaque Securities International has both the professional team and research capacity to address all the major tax and estate planning issues faced by both individuals and institutions, particularly those involved in international or cross-border transactions. An international network of tax specialists provides the support necessary to satisfactorily structure the most appropriate strategy, and accomplish this in a uniquely personalized and confidential process unparalleled in any other international offshore financial centre.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances