MSI is committed to the belief that each client possesses a unique set of circumstances and objectives, and therefore the formulation of an investment strategy must reflect the individual client's profile.

That strategy, should be based on a patient investment approach with a long-term perspective, providing the client the best opportunity to realize his investment goals with optimal returns and minimal risk. Further, changes to the strategy should be primarily determined by the client's changing circumstances and not necessarily by fluctuations in the market. However, a regular and consistent review of the portfolio is essential to ensure that it is structured appropriately and the optimal asset allocation maintained.


By closely monitoring both domestic and international markets and products, MSI can offer a diverse range of opportunities to meet specific investment objectives and assist in apportioning a client's assets among markets and types of securities to capture the market's full potential on an ongoing basis.

MSI has the capability of managing distinct portfolios, ranging from the stocks of emerging growth companies to money market securities, from insurance-based annuities to offshore mutual funds, from government-guaranteed debt obligations to global fixed-income securities. This gives the client the ability to respond effectively to the new and varied opportunities in today's dynamic financial markets.


In accordance with its investment philosophy, MSI offers its clients the ability to structure their investment or asset portfolio around three mandates:-

(i) Conservative
Protection of capital without speculation. Instruments: Fixed deposits, money market funds, bonds.

(ii) Growth
Emphasis on capital appreciation with some consideration for yield. Instruments: Convertible bonds, equities, equity mutual funds.

(iii) Dynamic
Aggressive emphasis on capital gains. Instruments: Speculative equities.


Because the service is personalized, we ascertain as much as possible about the client in a confidential manner to determine risk tolerance.

Once the investment strategy and objectives of the specific client have been clearly defined, the opening of accounts, transfer of funds and execution of the investment strategy are simple steps facilitated by MSI. The client is left feeling that a personal boutique of financial and investment services is at work.

Access to regular reports on a client's funds is a hallmark of MSI, and the aspect of limited regulation by the Central Bank of The Bahamas, pending formal regulation by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, ensures accountability.


  • Portfolio/Asset Management
  • International Offshore/Securities Trading
  • Offshore Internet/Discount Trading
  • Corporate Formation and Management
  • Private Mutual/Pension Fund Administration
  • Corporate Entrepreneurial Finance
  • International Estate Planning
  • Bank Formation/Management
  • Direct Investment
  • Asset Protection Trusts

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances