The Bank of Butterfield Executor & Trustee Co. Ltd. offers a wide range of mutual funds specifically designed for those clients requiring a diversified portfolio. Our Buttress Funds provide an economical and effective way to optimise returns consistent with an acceptable risk factor.

The Buttress Funds comprise a family of several mutual funds, the investments in which are managed by Butterfield Asset Management Ltd. The funds cover a wide range of markets including equities, fixed income, money markets and regional funds.

The Buttress Money Market Fund has been particularly successful, providing a convenient tool for maintaining liquidity without compromising safety or return. It is available in U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar and Sterling classes and is rated "AAA" by Standard and Poors.

Most of the Buttress Funds are no-load funds which trade at net asset value and can be used as collateral against Letters of Credit or other credit facilities offered by Bank of Butterfield. The Buttress Money Market Fund trades on a daily basis and all of the other Funds trade on a weekly basis. The Buttress Money Market Fund also offers a cheque-writing facility to certain approved shareholders, providing streamlined cash management and control. This eliminates the need to pay in advance for draft or wire transfers, so that your money earns interest until the cheque is presented. Prices for the international Buttress Funds are published daily in the Financial Times of London.

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