The Bank of Butterfield Executor and Trustee Co. Ltd. offers investment management services through Butterfield Asset Management Ltd., to private individuals, corporations, insurance companies, pension funds, trustees, or charitable organisations. Butterfield Asset Management Ltd. counsels clients on either a discretionary or an advisory basis.

The objective of Butterfield Asset Management is to achieve superior long-term investment performance at levels of risk acceptable to our clients, combined with a high level of personal service.


The Buttress Funds

The Bank of Butterfield's Buttress mutual funds have a long and successful history. These funds cover global fixed income and equity markets and include a correspondingly diverse range of financial instruments. We are particularly proud of our Standard & Poor's "AAA" rated Money Market Fund.

Funds Resource

In addition to our own family of mutual funds, Butterfield Asset Management has a third party mutual fund product, Funds & Resource. Through Funds Resource, clients are able to access over 150 mutual funds from some of the highest rated fund sponsor groups in the offshore industry. Butterfield Asset Management has negotiated attractive dealing terms that enable us to offer our clients discounts on front end loading charges when purchasing units or shares.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

For clients who prefer their own tailored portfolios, Butterfield Asset Management offers discretionary portfolio management. Each portfolio is constructed employing resources of the entire investment team to provide the client with the most appropriate asset mix for their particular investment objectives.

Detailed investment guidelines are agreed with each client, identifying the specific objectives of their portfolio and the parameters within which the manager will operate. However, given the continual innovation in financial markets and changes in the client's investment requirements, we recognise the importance of actively monitoring the guidelines and recommending appropriate changes when necessary.

Typically, discretionary investment portfolios under $5 million are invested utilizing either our Buttress funds or through Funds Resource selections. This affords smaller clients the same diversified exposure and cost efficiencies as a larger client with a segregated portfolio.

At Butterfield Asset Management Ltd., staff take the time to understand your requirements, discuss your objectives and provide the investment programme which will be of greatest benefit to you.

Please note that restrictions on the provision of investment services may apply in respect of investors from particular countries, and not all Buttress Funds may be eligible for promotion in every Bank of Butterfield jurisdiction.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.