Limitation periods in Cyprus are set out in the Limitation of Actions Law, Cap 15, which dates back to the time when Cyprus was a British colony. The principal time limits range from two to 15 years, depending on the nature of the claim. In relation to causes of action not expressly provided for by the Limitations Law or not expressly exempted, the limitation period is six years from the date when the cause of action accrued.

The Limitations Law was suspended in 1964 following inter-communal disturbances and it has effectively remained suspended ever since.

The Suspension of Limitation Period (Provisional Provisions) Law (Law 110(I) of 2002) provided that the Limitations Law would re-enter into force with effect from 1 June 2005, except in relation to any immovable or movable property situated in areas now occupied by Turkish troops (or property which was situated there at the time of the Turkish invasion), but its entry into force has been postponed by a succession of laws passed in the interim, each temporarily extending the suspension. The latest of these, enacted in March 2011, extends the suspension for a further nine months until the end of 2011.

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