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Spring has started with some special news  and trademark cases from your favorite  law firm.

We start the first issue of 2022 with a case  that sees a brand fighting against the  CNIPA for the registration in China of a  trademark similar to a national flag. But  Tommy Hilfiger is very determined with  the protection of its brand and finally  succeeded.

Still on trademark topic, we discuss  the "MatePod" trademark registered by  Huawei and opposed by Apple. Huawei,  during the years, won several trademark  cases with other big companies, such as  Chanel and Under Armour. Read along to  see what happened.

Right after, the examination of the  coexistence of similar trademarks, thanks  to special agreements. But not all that  glitters is gold: CNIPA and the courts can  also decide to not accept the Letter od  Agreement to protect the consumers. How do internet celebrities protect their IP  right? As the case of one of the most famous  Chinese internet celebrities shows, it's not  easy to manage all the issues coming from  different parties' agreements, especially  when it comes to trademarks that worth a  considerable amount of money.

Just before the last article, where we  analyze the consequences of defects in  writing food labels, it's time for CNIPA to  take stock of the past year with a short  notice about the achievements in 2021.  Last but not least, an announcement from  HFG, which has gained two new partners!

Bless to Tommy  Hilfiger, Yemen said

It is becoming a well-known fact that nowadays obtaining a trademark registration is more and more  difficult in China. Through a comparison between 2020 and 2019, we can see that approval rate of  trademark registration decreased from 81% to 61%.

Sometimes the applications are rejected due to grounds not even considered by the Applicant when  filing the application with the CNIPA.

This is what happened to the famous American brand  Tommy Hilfiger, which has recently faced a long battle with  the Chinese trademark office in order to get the protection  of its iconic strip-mark.

Let's start with the background of this case.

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