Looks like here in China the rain is giving us a break!

Let's treat us with a couple of fashion cases and technology topics.

First of all, compliments to HFG for winning the Casadei case: the final decision from the highest judicial authority – the Chinese Supreme People's Court – posed the word end to the almost-20-years-long legal dispute of the trademark CASADEI for the product of shoes in China.

The second article refers to the trademark infringement of the so-called Sidestripe trademark, which runs along the side of the Vans sneakers. Vans is a quite popular brand in the skateboard world, and that stripe is easy to copy.

Read the article also to get some tips on how the right holder can obtain punitive damages in litigation.

Another case managed by HFG that leaded to a success is explained in the third article: The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court recognized the patent infringement and awarded damages compensation to Savio Thesan Shanghai.

Talking about technology, we analyze the new, very first law on data security in China. This law provides the legal basis for data supervision, tries to fill the blank of data security protection legislation, and tries to improve the legal system of cyberspace security governance.

Last but not least, the removal of Didi apps from all the app stores, because... read to know why, and to get some takeaways for companies that need to collect and store data.

Additionally, we have something to celebrate this month. Fabio Giacopello and Marco Vinciguerra, HFG Partners, have been re-appointed as the arbitrators/ mediators of Shanghai International Arbitration Center's new panel.

Enjoy the sun, stay informed, read GossIP!

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