It was learned from the World 5G Convention in Beijing, 5G standard essential patents (SEP) from Chinese enterprises account for 34% of the total, making China at the first place in terms of numbers of such patents.

According to the statistics, as of March 2019, 25 Chinese enterprises own over 13,000 SEPs on 5G, of which 20% are from Huawei, ranking the top globally. As of September this year, there were over 70,000 public patent applications about 5G key technologies, among which China lodged 19,334 applications, accounting for 27% of the total.

At the same time, the number of patent filings in artificial intelligence (AI) in China rose to 94,539 in 2018, up 10 times than that of 2010. As of October, China had outshone the US in the applications for AI patents.

Domestic technology giant Baidu Inc led with 5,712 filings, followed by Tencent, Microsoft, Inspur and Huawei.

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