We often hear from our clients: "I have multiple refusals from Canada. Would this be a problem if I apply for business immigration?" Our answer is often the same: "No, provided that you have never misrepresented any information before and that you have a solid business immigration case this time."

If you are hesitant to move forward with business immigration to Canada because you have previously been refused a visa to Canada or any other country, the story of Ms. L.L. will inspire you to take your first step toward your Canadian dream!


Ms. L.L. is a self-employed individual residing in Vietnam and running her micro-business, which is focused on telecommunications services. The company generated solid income for her to sustain herself, but it was not sufficient to expand internationally. It generated less than $100,000 in sales per year. All her siblings were residing in the US and were successful entrepreneurs in that country.

Ms. L.L. submitted numerous applications to the US immigration authorities (13 in total) to join her siblings in the US. All of them were rejected, unfortunately. She also made 2 unsuccessful applications to visit her siblings in Canada. These refusals occurred before she became a Sobirovs client.

She had modest savings on her own (around $20,000) but was determined to use her equity in her siblings' businesses in the US to establish her own business in Canada. Her brother in the US pledged $100,000 to support his sister's initiative and cover the start-up costs of the business in year 1.

Our client, Ms. L.L., retained us to help her set up her Canadian business and seek proper authorization from Canadian immigration authorities to operate her own business in Canada.

Investment & Relocation Process

Step 1: Company Formation: We assisted the client in registering her company in Ontario, Canada, so that she could start her business in Canada.

Step 2: Business Concept Development: Next, we brainstormed multiple business ideas with Ms. L.L. and conducted thorough market research to understand the demand for her intended services in the city of her choice (1-hour drive from Toronto). We then developed a solid, realistic business plan backed up by extensive research and market analysis. Ms. L.L. decided to run her own beauty salon in the City of Brantford, Ontario.

Step 3: Filing an Immigration Application: Our team assisted Ms. L.L. in preparing a solid immigration application for a Canadian work permit under the Entrepreneur Program (C-11 class). We also requested a study permit for her accompanying child. In Ms. L.L.'s application, we provided thorough explanations about her lengthy history of refusals of US and Canadian visas and addressed all other weaknesses in her application, including her modest savings, limited language skills and the start-up nature of her business.

Step 4: Approval: About 2 months after sending the application package to the IRCC, we received a letter from the IRCC that her application was approved! She received her 2-year work permit as an entrepreneur, while her son received a 2-year study permit to attend a school in Canada. Our client is extremely happy with the outcome and will be joining us in Canada soon! Our team of professionals is equally happy to see great success in our client's life after so many refusals!

Facts of the Case

  • Cost of immigration application: $30,700+
  • Investment amount: $100,000
  • Employment opportunities for Canadians: 5 new positions
  • Time to prepare the application: 8 months (including business concept development & research & document collection)
  • Time to get a positive decision: 2 months
  • Outcome: work permit valid for 2 years under the Entrepreneur C-11 class

Congratulations to our client! We wish her tremendous success in Canada!

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.