Following the introductory webinar in our "Lifecycle of a Smart Idea" series, our global IP professionals took a closer look at trade secrets and explored during the 2nd webinar on June 3 the pain points and best practices surrounding trade secret protection.

Trade Secrets - The what, how and where of international protection

Trade secrets can be attractive for their seeming simplicity and efficiency, but the protection they offer is not without its risks. From the basic challenges of keeping secrets secret in today's digitized workplaces to complex jurisdictional disputes part and parcel with an increasingly globalized innovation economy, trade secret protection requires a full-lifecycle strategy in order to be successful.

Topics included:

  • How to draft a solid trade secrets policy
  • The effective use of NDAs in the protection of trade secrets
  • Special measures to consider when sharing trade secrets with JV partners
  • Cybersecurity risks, including with respect to cloud-based storage
  • Legislative obstacles unique to different jurisdictions
  • Key considerations surrounding criminal sanctions

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Originally published 08 June 2020

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