Are you a driven professional seeking new opportunities? You may be eligible to relocate to Canada by starting your own business just like our client Ms. M.Z. has done. Ms. M.Z. was recently approved to come to Canada as an entrepreneur under the C11 program to establish her own marketing consultancy business in Vancouver, Canada!


Background of the Case

Our client is an accomplished marketing professional with over 9 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. She worked as a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at a leading company in China.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she aspired to set up her own business in Canada, where she intended to provide digital marketing consulting services to Chinese companies expanding their presence in Canada and the USA. Additionally, she planned to offer her expertise in digital marketing to Canadian businesses that aspire to do business in China. She had around CAD $200,000 to invest in her new venture and had completed her preliminary research on the Canadian digital marketing consultancy landscape.

Ms. M.Z. had a prior refusal from the USA and was unsure if her application for an entrepreneur visa would be successful in Canada.

Ms. M.Z. retained our firm to fulfill her ambition and to assist her with the following:

  • conduct further market research
  • prepare a business plan
  • register her digital marketing consultancy company in Vancouver, BC
  • apply for a work permit as an entrepreneur in Canada
  • connect her with organizations & partners in Canada to help her to build her network
  • provide information and advice on how to stay compliant with the laws in Canada

Application Process

Step 1: Conducting Feasibility Studies & Company Formation: To ensure Ms. M.Z.'s success, our team assessed her business concept and analyzed the demand for digital marketing services in Vancouver, BC. We conducted a thorough analysis of the local competition, identified key factors for success in the digital consultancy industry, and formulated a compelling market entry strategy that would set her business apart and attract the desired clients. Our collaborative efforts resulted in a business plan that seamlessly aligned with Ms. M.Z.'s professional background and skills, optimally utilized her investment budget, and adhered to the stringent requirements of the Immigration Act (IRPA).

Step 2: Work Permit Application: With a comprehensive business plan in place, we facilitated the collection of all necessary documents to support Ms. M.Z.'s work permit application. Guiding her every step of the way, we ensured she was well-prepared to start executing her business plan. We paid meticulous attention to detail when preparing her application package and drafted a compelling legal submissions letter that effectively explained Ms. M.Z.'s eligibility for the Canadian Entrepreneur Work Permit (C11). We also addressed her prior refusal from the USA, presenting persuasive arguments to Canadian immigration authorities that prior refusal should not hinder the approval of her Canadian application.

In January 2023, we submitted her application through our lawyer's secure online portal.

Step 3: Decision: It took Canadian immigration authorities around 4 months to approve the application. Ms. M.Z. received a work permit for 2 years to come to Canada and build her digital marketing consultancy business. We welcome a new entrepreneur in Canada!

Timeline of the Case

Below you can see the detailed timeline of the case as reflected on the government's Paid Representative Portal.


Congratulations to our client! We wish her tremendous success in Canada!

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