Blackballed By The Bank: One Customer's Legal Battle (Podcast)

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From defamed to victorious: A mortgage manager's triumphant battle.
Canada Finance and Banking
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Episode Description

From defamed to victorious: A mortgage manager's triumphant battle.

In this episode, Gavin and Stephen discuss a case where the plaintiff, accused of fraudulently processing mortgages, was blackballed within the banking industry due to a defamatory alert.

The court found the bank's defenses of justification and qualified privilege unconvincing, leading to significant damages, including punitive damages for the bank's reckless disregard of the truth.

This case underscores the importance of careful and truthful communication, especially when wielding the substantial influence of a major financial institution.

Listen For:

02:21 - Defamation in Canada

08:48 - Fraud Discovery

17:14 - Investigator's Role

24:03 - Damages Breakdown

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