Following the visit of Teresa Cristina, Brazil’s minister of agriculture, to countries in the MENA region with the aim of fostering trade, she had the opportunity to meet governamental authorities and entrepreneurs in Egypt. One of the topics discussed during the meetings was the possible reduction of export tariff s and the standardization of sanitary certifi cates. 

Discussions were aimed at the signing of an accord between Brazil’s EMBRAPA, a governmental company dedicated to research in the agriculture and catt le production areas, and the Egyptian research center. Egypt has opened its market to Brazilian milk-derived  products and Brazil will be authorizing the import of garlic and grapes from Egypt. 

Cristina also had fruitful meetings in Kuwait with representatives of the Supreme Committ ee of the Public Authority for Food Security and the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fishing. Following discussions regarding the new mission of certifi cates of export and technical cooperation in the agriculture and fi shing segments, Cristina mentioned that EMBRAPA can contribute to this mission. 

After meeting entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia, Cristina emphasized the opportunities in the infrastructure sector which is an economic segment there. As mentioned in past reports, foreign investors should look into the huge opportunities in this sector. 

In order to foster the growth of its economy, Brazil needs to improve its infrastructure sector and investments in Brazil can be made through vehicles like Musharakah abroad. Assets to which foreign investors should pay att ention include the possibility of the federal government selling its 49% participation in international airports serving cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the federal capital, Brasilia.

Este artigo foi publicado no Islamic Finance News, no dia 10 de outubro de 2019.

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