The Normative Instruction DREI No. 66 (“IN 66”) was published on August, 7th in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government, which amends several provisions of Normative Instructions DREI No. 20/2013 and 38/2017, and establishes changes to the opening, change, transfer and termination procedures of branches in States other than where the company’s headquarter is located, aiming the reduction of bureaucracy, the increase of agility and the reduction of costs of such procedures.

With the rule introduced by IN 66, corporate documents to open, change, transfer or terminate a branch need only to be filed with the Board of Commerce where the company's headquarter is located, avoiding the subsequent filing with the Board of Commerce where the branch is located or will be located, as currently required.

In addition, IN 66 mentions that the Simplified Certificate (Certidão Simplificada) issued by the Board of Commerce shall be the necessary instrument to protect the corporate name in Boards of Commerce of other States.

The new rules are one more step towards the reduction of bureaucracy in the economy, adding dynamics to the business environment and, consequently, reducing time and costs for the entrepreneurial activities.

IN 66 will be in force on October 7, 2019.

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