Managed Document Review Our client was representing a large infrastructure company in proceedings with their lead contractor regarding disputed payments of variation and extension of time claims, among other issues. Like many construction projects, the volume of documents was significant. In addition, the ten disclosure categories were very complex, many turning on the circumstances of individual disputed events. Following application of keyword searches and other measures to reduce the overall document set, an initial set of 105,000 documents was identified for review.

The biggest obstacle to meeting the disclosure deadline was the review and identification of relevance to the disclosure categories and their subcategories (one category having over 35 subcategories). The client had initially proposed that the documents should be reviewed by each category, which would require the documents to be potentially reviewed ten times for each of the categories it was responsive to. We devised a workflow to create two groups of categories and thereby review the documents only a maximum of two times. The experience and training of the review team allowed them to consider half of the categories at one time while reviewing one document. This not only saved the client money but also allowed us to predict the project duration and resulting cost.


  1. Workflow

We developed and implemented a plan to limit review of each document to a maximum of two times by allocating the categories to groups and the review operated as followed:

This enabled the Review Team to narrow their focus to each group of categories as was relevant and in turn, enabled faster and more accurate review of the documents and a speedier completion of the review

  1. Review

Using the disclosure categories required in the proceedings, we developed tags on the review platform for the Review Team to code against. The Managed Document Review team then underwent a Project Briefing and training on the matter from the Review Briefing Note prepared by the client, which gave them background on the matter as well as greater insight into the review categories. The Review Team was then able to review the material, coding for general relevance and privilege as well as responsiveness to the individual categories.


The workflow plan, tailor made for the client's project, was vital to ensure all documents could be tagged accurately within the deadline. The customised review allowed the documents to be reviewed both diligently and efficiently. Due to thorough and extensive Review Briefings, the Review Team was able to gain understanding of the facts and circumstances of the matter and the review categories in a short period of time. Following this initial phase, the client engaged Law In Order to review additional tranches of documents in the next phases of their review project.

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The large volume of time and resources necessary to ensure accurate document review can put at risk both the quality and speed of your client's outcomes, when working without the right support. Let our expert review team provide you with the resources you need for a tight turnaround.