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Efraim Weinstein Law Offices
In the judicial system in Israel there is the phenomenon of continuation of legal proceedings and there is a great burden on the court system.
J-K Gadzama LLP
International Arbitration Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Nigeria, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
KPMG Nigeria
The Rivers State Government has approached the Supreme Court to dismiss the decision of the Court of Appeal delivered on Friday, 10 September 2021, which ordered all the parties to maintain status quo on the collection of VAT ...
KPMG Nigeria
The Attorney Generals of the 36 States in Nigeria (the States or "the Plaintiffs") recently filed a suit against the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF or "the Defendant") at the Supreme Court...
Olisa Agbakoba Legal (OAL)
There has been an increase in the use Arbitration process in Nigeria to resolve complex commercial disputes.
S.P.A. Ajibade & Co.
What is the fate of decisions delivered at an interlocutory stage in a matter which is subsequently subjected to an order for trial de novo?...
South Africa
Mr Justice Sutherland, the Deputy Judge President ("DJP") of the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court of South Africa, has in a notice dated 4 October 2021, urged all legal practitioners to be more disciplined...
The abandonment by the plaintiff of a judgment erroneously granted against a defendant is not sufficient to defeat a special plea of res judicata.
Adams & Adams
We have, over the years, become so accustomed to reading, hearing or even witnessing the firsthand aftermath of horrific motor vehicle accidents on South African roads, ...
Schoemanlaw Inc.
A matter involving a dispute amongst the trustees of a testamentary trust was recently heard in the Gauteng Division of the High Court.
Adams & Adams
When lodging a claim with the Road Accident Fund, road accident victims may claim compensation under different heads of damages, i.e. past loss of earnings, future loss of earnings/earning capacity, general damages, ...
United Arab Emirates
Hassan Elhais
The Federal Law No. (6) of 2018 on arbitration (‘Arbitration Law') defines arbitration as ‘ A procedure regulated by law in which a dispute between one or more parties is submitted...
Hassan Elhais
Arbitration process can be understood as an alternate dispute resolution process wherein the disputing parties voluntarily choose an arbitration forum for adjudication of their dispute...
Hassan Elhais
An arbitration proceeding is similar to traditional court litigation in many ways. However, it has many advantages to offer in comparison to traditional litigation.
BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP
In an announcement made on Saturday 18 September 2021 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre and the Dubai International Financial Centre Arbitration Institute are to be dissolved and their operations and assets merged into the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (‘DIAC').
Hassan Elhais
The underlying factors surrounding the offence and the veracity of the damage caused to the other party are taken into consideration.
Hassan Elhais
The cabinet resolution no. 33 of 2020 ("Resolution") has brought about many notable changes to Federal law no. 11 of 1992 and its amendments ("UAE Civil Procedure Code").
Hassan Elhais
CGL policies are a norm in the UAE. A CGL policy usually provides comprehensive liability coverage by encompassing different liability coverage under the same head, such a property coverage, personal injury coverage, medical coverage etc.
Hassan Elhais
Arbitration is best described as a cost-effective alternate dispute resolution process, which assists in smoother business relationships without incurring the rigidity of court proceedings.
Hassan Elhais
Perjury can be defined as an intentional act of lying, withholding the truth, administering false testimony, swearing or any act done with the intent of deception or misleading...
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