Meet IR Global's Digital Sponsor, Torben Welch of Messner Reeves LLP.

Torben Welch's legal banking and financial expertise extends across multiple states including Colorado, New York, and Utah. He often helps clients in the resolution of complex business and commercial transactions, focusing on litigation prevention. He also serves as a trial attorney performing independent internal and external investigations or appeals hearings as needed.

From Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs, Torben and his firm provide the full range of legal services to a diverse group of clients.

They are as excited about working with the small business owner as they are the largest corporation because, for them, it's all about maximizing potential.

"No other law firm is structured quite like we are. At Messner Reeves, we act as general counsel to an amazing array of clients"

Why connect with Messner Reeves LLP?

The Firm - The driving force behind their success is an entrepreneurial spirit that is unmatched by any other law firm.

The People - A collaborative, energetic group of highly skilled professionals creating common-sense solutions to complex problems.

Diversity - They value each person for their unique perspective and background; diversity strengthens their firm.

"Torben and his team in the Utah office of Messner Reeves continue to provide fantastic advice to their fellow IR members, particularly in the Real Estate & Banking and Finance markets where they have tremendous prowess. It is a pleasure to be associated with them."

Ross Nicholls, Business Development Director - IR Global

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