A French luxury goods conglomerate recently announced a new partnership with two other major European luxury goods businesses to develop the first global luxury blockchain, Aura Blockchain Consortium. The goal of founding Aura is to provide customers greater transparency and traceability through the life cycle of a product. With authenticity and traceability so crucial to the industry, the conglomerate said that "it made sense for these competitors to work together to drive change and develop a shared solution."

An American aerospace and defense (A&D) company recently signed a strategic partnership with a blockchain company that will grant it access to the blockchain company's secure supplier intelligence platform, which connects Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to members of Swissmem, the Swiss association of mechanical and electrical engineering industries. The blockchain platform will allow for OEMs to be matched with subject matter expert supplier capabilities across Switzerland.

In another recent development, the U.S. Postal Service has certified a U.S. company to begin producing blockchain-generated ePostage labels. According to a press release, USPS ePostage labels will use nonfungible token (NFT) mail technology to create the world's first blockchain-supported postage.

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