The Environmental Public Policy Act has been amended to exempt the Planning Board from the requirement that it comply with environmental review requirements, including with the requirement that it prepare an Environmental Impact Statement, for siting consultations involving private projects. The amendment orders the Environmental Quality Board to regulate the filing of environmental documents directly with EQB by the private parties supporting such private projects.

The Environmental Public Policy Act has also been amended to authorize EQB to regulate the certification of individuals to make visual determinations of opacity levels, to establish methods for opacity readings, and to regulate schools for training individuals to make opacity readings.

The Pneumatics Management Act has been amended to authorize the EQB to require the posting of bonds by processors, recyclers and exporters of pneumatics to ensure compliance with EQB permits, and to authorize the Solid Waste Authority to establish rates for rendering services in this area.

The enabling act of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources has been amended to authorize the Secretary to regulate the handling and protection of wetlands, a natural resource which it recognizes as having incalculable value.

The Act for the Expedited Processing of Permits, Endorsements and/or Certification of Works, Projects, or Programs in Emergencies exempts public instrumentalities, including municipalities and public corporations, from complying with established permitting and administrative procedures in evaluating projects needed during emergency situations. The Act requires the promulgation of an executive order by the Governor of Puerto Rico or the President of the United States, and establishes special procedures and terms for handling the evaluation of projects during emergency situations.

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