"I'd recommend Xendee to anyone developing projects who wants to have that turnkey understanding of what the project would look like both technically and economically."

— Head of Engineering, EV Infrastructure Developer

This month we are excited to feature Xendee, a provider of microgrid design and operation software. In February 2023, Xendee released a new offering called MOBILITY that enables firms to rapidly design EV charging infrastructure and support Distributed Energy Resources.

Xendee's MOBILITY includes considerations for multiple types of chargers, multiple tariffs, and new or existing solar photovoltaics, battery systems, and generators, which could support charging infrastructure, serve building load, or both. With this offering, developers, engineering firms, and parties using Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) will be able to model EV charging stations for predictable returns and factor in site-specific properties like changing EV loads, time-of-use charges, demand charges, localized incentives, EV-specific tariffs, and building load tariffs on the same site.

Akshaya Gulhati, Chief Business Officer at Xendee, commented, "Xendee allows engineers, developers, and site owners to analyze the many uncertainties in the evolving EV charging ecosystem and generate robust designs and Charging-as-a-Service models to deliver on RoI targets."1

During the optimization process, teams can instruct Xendee to optimize for different organizational goals or Charging-as-a-Service models. Users can also run multiple optimizations to create a series of easily comparable scenarios that investors and business leaders can select from to meet their environmental and financial goals. Xendee's MOBILITY can also support sales and business development professionals to run rapid viability studies and help them rank order potential charging sites based on RoI.


1. Business Wire, Xendee Releases New Offering for the Rapid Design of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, February 6, 2023.

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