The Senate is back in session, while the House is out for a one-week district work period

The upper chamber will spend a sizable portion of the week debating 28 motions to instruct conferees on the legislation (H.R. 4521) aimed at boosting manufacturing and technological innovation to better compete economically with China. This is the last step before the bipartisan bill heads into formal House–Senate conference negotiations.

Senators will also continue to question the Biden Administration on activity surrounding the pandemic border control policy known as Title 42. Republicans and multiple moderate and politically vulnerable Democrats have expressed concern over ending this program in the midst of continued difficulties in securing the southern border. 

Further, the Administration will continue its push for funding to purchase COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, therapeutics, and preventives through an additional aid package, which has stalled in the Senate due to the dispute over immigration issues. 


Last week, President Biden announced a proposed $33 billion spending package that would provide humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. On Monday, Biden will present the Presidential Rank Awards to 230 recipients, which is considered the highest honor for career civil servants.

Senate Side

On Monday, the Senate will invoke cloture, or limit debate, on Joshua Frost to be an assistant secretary for financial markets at the Treasury Department. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has also indicated he plans to consider Elizabeth de Leon Bhargava to be an assistant secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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