A leading American sneaker and footwear company has patented a system for tokenizing shoes on the Ethereum blockchain. The patent describes the creation of a non-fungible token on the blockchain, representative of a particular kind of shoe with its own unique characteristics, and of identifiers, which are "unlocked" upon the sale of the physical sneaker to a customer. According to the patent, the digital shoe and the cryptographic token collectively represent a "CryptoKick."

Bitcoin mining giant Bitfury, out of Amsterdam, recently announced the launch of its latest enterprise blockchain software development, Exonum Enterprise. This continues the expansion of the company's move away from its core business, which it began in 2011 selling mining hardware in exchange for cryptocurrencies. This product is claimed to be the first private enterprise blockchain that "anchors" data to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Brave announced last week that it had 10 million active monthly users since the release of the Brave 1.0 platform on Nov. 13. This reportedly amounts to an almost 20% increase in less than a month of 1.7 million users for the browser, which combines privacy with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform and is reported to have three to six times faster browsing capability. According to reports, Brave's monthly active users have doubled in the past year.

The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAI) has reportedly teamed up with Algorand to develop a new ecosystem for copyright management, based on Algorand's recently launched blockchain platform. Algorand uses a Proof of Stake protocol that it says guarantees decentralization, scalability and security, which SIAI believes makes it particularly suitable for copyright management of its members' copyrighted materials.

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