It is exciting to see that EET hydrogen has entered final negotiations with the UK government to develop a hydrogen production plant in Ellesmere port.1

The project will be the UK's first industrial scale low carbon hydrogen plant, and is considered a critical step in achieving decarbonization of the chemical industry in the North West. The plant will be located in the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex and the hydrogen will be transported via underground pipelines to various industries to replace fossil fuels and natural gas.2

This initial project will rely on the generation of “blue hydrogen”, which converts methane to hydrogen in combination with carbon capture. However, once the infrastructure is developed, it is likely to pave the way for other hydrogen projects and other renewable solutions.

It will also lead to innovation in the chemistry industry as they start the shift towards a hydrogen economy. I will therefore watch this space with interest.



The hydrogen will be provided to industrial businesses across the North West of England to decarbonise their operations, protecting jobs and driving economic growth.

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