The recent release of e-scooter accident data by DfT is subject to this very significant caveat. The publication also notes that scooter accidents are the most likely to be under-reported, which further adds to the limitations. Nevertheless, there are some fairly clear signals from this data, being:

  • reported accidents are increasing month on month
  • late afternoon / early evening is the peak time for accidents involving scooters
  • men under 40 account for more than half of reported injuries
  • the Met Police recorded nearly 300 accidents in 2020 and was the only force reporting more than 20
  • only one fatality was reported in 2020 (whereas PACTS observed eleven from 2019 to 2021)

It is likely that this limited data release might be the only data we see from DfT before it publishes much more detailed analysis of the various e-scooter trials some time next year.

The recording of our recent e-scooters webinar is now available here.

Originally published October 20, 2021.

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