Osbornes Law specialises in helping families who have suffered a birth injury. We have represented families who have suffered the loss of a baby at birth or where inadequate maternity treatment, either before, during or after labour, has led to the baby or mother suffer injury.

Our specialist team is led by Stephanie Prior, who has over twenty-five years of experience in helping families bring birth injury claims and holding NHS Trusts to account for avoidable mistakes and failings. Before Stephanie qualified as a lawyer she was a senior NHS nurse. This means she is very familiar with medical terminology and procedures. She is, therefore, able to quickly identify any anomalies in her clients' medical records.

Stephanie was recently interviewed by Channel 4 News as part of their investigation into the 'maternity scandals' affecting multiple NHS Trusts including at Basildon Hospital. You can watch the full report and her comments here.

Below are some of Stepanie's most recent cases.

Osbornes Law acts for family of mother who died after c-section

Stephanie Prior is acting for a gentleman whose wife died after she had a caesarean section. The claim is on behalf of the deceased's husband and their two dependent children (17- & 2-year-old) who pursue claims against an NHS Foundation Trust. The deceased suffered a Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage and there are failures that have been identified prior to, and post, c-section which led to her death in February 2019.

An inquest took place in January 2020, the NHS trust has admitted liability and quantum is being investigated. Negotiations for settlement are ongoing and it is hoped that this case will settle without the need for proceedings to be formally issued at court.

Osbornes Law act for family after medical negligence causes tragic death of baby

Stephanie Prior is currently acting for a young woman who was admitted to hospital and was left unattended for significant periods of time during her labour. As a result, the midwife caring for her failed to appreciate that the woman's baby was in distress. Almost 16 hours after she was admitted to the hospital, she was tragically informed that her baby had died.

Her baby is then delivered deceased, 20 hours later following a long and emotional labour.

Osbornes Law represent child left with brain injuries at birth

Stephanie Prior is representing a young girl who sustained a brain injury of the utmost severity at the time of her birth. The impact that this has had on the young girl's family is catastrophic. The case is complex and ongoing. Stephanie is also acting for other children who have also suffered significant brain injuries, at the time of their birth and many have very young parents who require much support and guidance on issues that are often unrelated to their claims.

Osbornes successfully act for family after tragic stillbirth

Medical Negligence lawyer, Nicholas Leahy, is acting for a young woman who had a water birth at home and two midwives were allocated to her at the very last minute. One of the midwives was newly qualified and had expressed her concern at having to attend the Claimant's home due to her inexperience. The other midwife was on her way to another appointment when she was told to divert to the Claimant's home to assist in the delivery of the Claimant's baby. The situation was fraught with difficulty and mistakes were sadly made. Tragically, the Claimant's baby was delivered stillborn, and a claim was pursued and successfully settled after a Serious Untoward Incident Report identified significant failings.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.