It doesn't matter how brilliant your story is if investors don't hear it often enough. Repetition is the essence of effective marketing. 

Big brands know it. They spend millions of dollars on it. Hearing the name or seeing the logo triggers recall of their messaging: 

  • Nike: Just do it 
  • Capital One: What's in your wallet? 
  • BMW: The ultimate driving machine 

Effective marketing relies on this triggered recall. It is powerful. And it works for you when you aren't even there. 


Are you in the room when allocation decisions are made? 

No. You are not. 

With a strong brand, built through effective marketing, you could be in the room. 

If you still think brand isn't important in the private markets, I wish you a happy, fulfilling retirement. Write that novel. Sail that yacht. Live your life! 

If you understand how critical it is to have a strong brand, read on… 

The core of effective marketing is brand, so what's the secret to establishing your brand's message? 


You definitely don't have Nike or Coca Cola's marketing budget. So… how can you make your messaging “stick”? 

  1. Be authentic 

If your messaging embodies your firm it will naturally be associated with you. Inauthentic messaging doesn't “feel right” to investors and isn't recalled as easily. 

  1. Be consistent 

Across the entire firm. In every communication. In all media. 

Nike don't say “Just do it” in New York, “Git ‘er done” in Oklahoma, and “Simply proceed and accomplish the task” in England. 

Make sure every single member of the team knows your key messages – your brand pillars. Insist on it. 

Take another look at your website, marketing materials, DDQ, PPM. If investors are going to see it – check it against your key messages. 

And stay alert to messaging creep. If you notice an individual or document straying from the core messaging, correct it asap. 

If you can repeat your messages with enough consistency, you are on the road to truly effective marketing. 

In time you will hear those messages repeated back to you and, eventually, your brand will be in the room with the allocators. 

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.