Matthew Dunn is a Manager in our Banking and Insurance Strategy and Operations (BIO) team. From Australia to the North Sea, he's solving some of the biggest banking and insurance challenges our global clients face – not just from our London office, but from client sites worldwide.

1. How and when did you join Deloitte?

I joined as a graduate in 2011, straight from my Music History degree. My intention was to stay two years to gain some experience in consulting, but I enjoyed it so much I've been here ever since. I joined Deloitte for the challenge of solving problems, opportunity to work with industry-leading clients and the chance to travel. Since joining I've certainly had my fair share of solving the challenging problems our clients face. I've worked right across the market with some of the world's largest insurers.

2. What's your role at Deloitte?

I work in the Banking and Insurance Strategy and Operations team. My clients tend to be commercial insurers underwriting risks anywhere from an oil rig in the North Sea to delivery vehicles in Australia. Typically, I'm involved in the early stages of strategic business change. Clients ask questions like: should we launch a new product to the market? How can we deploy analytics internally? How should we structure our business? How can we design a service for our customers that really meets their needs, whilst building a business that will support it seamlessly? Our job is to help answer them.

3. What's your working pattern?

I work five days a week. Normally four of these are at the client's office, wherever they are. Most often this has been in the UK, through personal choice, though occasionally I've had stints in France, Sweden and Denmark. Most Fridays I spend in the Deloitte office to catch up with my team, or work from home.

4. Why should someone should join your team?

The team is excellent; the people are fun to be around and really know their stuff. You'll be stretched to think hard about problems and come up with good solutions. Very quickly you'll be gaining insights and understanding the market in a lot of detail. You'll also work with industry-leading clients and get to see the impact of your work in the market.

5. How does BIO work with other teams in Deloitte?

We work very closely with lots of other teams in Deloitte: the actuarial team, the technology team and the finance advisory teams. Most often the Deloitte team we put together for a client is a mix of lots of different teams who all bring different areas of expertise.

6. What's the most exciting project you've worked on? 

A career highlight for me was sitting one-to-one with a FSTE 100 CEO to talk to them about their hopes for their business and how it should be structured in the future. I cannot imagine many jobs that give you that sort of exposure. The design we came up with has taken that client in a new direction. They are half way through implementing it and already starting to see the benefits.

7. What's the main barrier to people joining BIO?

I think people have a perception that the Financial Services industry is slow to adopt change and doesn't have its customers at heart. Actually, what we see is huge change in the form of start-ups, insuretechs and challenger banks that are putting a lot of pressure on the established players to deliver excellent service at a very competitive price. It's a very interesting time to be working in the market.

8. What drives you to make an impact in your personal life?

Outside of work I founded and run a semi-pro choir called the Iken Scholars. We do lots of concerts of sixteenth-century music in the capital and further afield. We've just come back from a tour to Nice. It's a great counterweight to my work and I'm pleased that Deloitte offers the sort of work/life balance that means you can have the time to focus on your passions outside of work.

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