Environmental law in practice

The "Environmental law in practice" video series is an introduction to the variety of environmental issues that might affect your business, whatever that may be. Led by industry experts Rachel Turnbull and Josh Kitson and featuring insights from a range of practitioners our cross-disciplinary teams, this series aims to provide you with information on the types of issues that may arise, what you can do to ensure your business is operating in a responsible and compliant way, and what you can do when things go wrong.

Why environmental compliance matters

In recent years, environmental responsibility and compliance has become a key feature of many businesses.

Not only can environmental credentials play a part in winning (and losing) key contracts but failure to comply with environmental legislation can have huge costs for a business, both financially and reputationally.

Series highlights

Waste management

Uncover the complexities of waste management in large-scale projects. Understand waste types, disposal methods, and compliance obligations. Learn the importance of considering waste management at the project planning stage to help prevent issues and to navigate regulatory demands.

Water management

Learn about effective water management, from trade effluent to surface water. Understand the common causes of pollution and how to work with regulators to avoid unnecessary incidents, whilst ensuring you don't incur costly delays or damage relationships with local residents.

Habitat and biodiversity management

Understand the challenges of preserving habitats and biodiversity, particularly when developing greenfield sites. Discover how to plan for protected species, address common challenges, and ensure compliance with legal requirements whilst avoiding costly delays to your projects. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls with real life examples of when things have gone wrong.

Air management

Explore the intricacies of air quality management. Some key tips on what you need to think about when it comes to controlling emissions, dust, and odours particularly during construction and development operations. Discover techniques to mitigate risks, comply with permits and avoid incurring the wrath of the regulator should things go wrong.

Managing a regulatory inspection

Navigate regulatory inspections with confidence. Explore the powers of regulators, practical strategies during inspections, and how to cooperate effectively without prejudicing your position. Gain insights into how you can control an unexpected regulatory visit and actions to take post-inspection.

Managing the follow-up to a regulatory inspection

Understand potential outcomes after an inspection, from warnings to sanctions. Learn to mitigate financial exposure and engage in cooperative measures. Discover how to make informed decisions and manage the aftermath of regulatory visits.

Are you ready?

The "Environmental law in practice" series is designed to help you understand your environmental responsibilities and how to address the risks your business might be facing. Whether you're a developer, site manager, or EHS practitioner, these videos provide introductory insights to help you navigate the complexities of environmental regulations and protect your business and the environment.

We hope that some or all of these videos will prove useful to you, whether you're regularly responsible for managing environmental issues or you simply want additional information "just in case". Each video will provide expert insights, practical recommendations, and real-world examples.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.