In the current global economic climate now more than ever commercial organisations need to resolve payment, contractual and compensation disputes as soon as possible.  Cross-border disputes are notorious for escalating into extremely costly long-term issues made infinitely more problematic with regard to Europe now that the UK has left the EU and the reciprocal arrangements across the jurisdictions of Europe is no longer available to assist in the unravelling complex disputes and enforcement of judgments.

Businesses in the UK are often faced with instructing foreign law firms based across Europe and beyond to assist with a contentious cross-border matter, either directly or through their England and Wales law firm.  There can be language difficulties that may lead to misunderstandings, that, at best, just escalate the issue and at worst cause missed deadlines and lead to confused unwinnable legal arguments.  Giambrone & Partners' litigation lawyers  have an extremely wide range of languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi and Patwari, as well as all the principal European languages.

Giambrone's vast global experience and specialist expertise enables us to draw together a multi-disciplinary legal team, often at short notice, capable of dealing with international disputes throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Gabriele Giambrone, global managing partner, comments "Giambrone has a systematic strategy of expanding the expertise of the lawyers within the firm by lateral hires that expand and develop the firm's ability in a wide range of jurisdictions and court ranking to assist our clients wherever they need to litigate but crucially, also to encourage existing lawyers to go further and acquire additional legal capacity", he further comments "it is clear to me that commercial clients need swift responsive advice and action unhampered by jurisdiction issues, level of court or the language barrier, especially now during the dual commercial crises that Brexit and coronavirus have delivered".

Gabriele Giambrone leads by example and has recently been admitted to the Bar Council, similarly senior partner Vincenzo Senatore, who heads the City of London office, has also expanded his extensive legal capacity to the US.

The agreement signed last week between the Law Society of England and Wales and the Rome Bar Association, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)supports the contention of cross-border jurisdictional cooperation in Europe, regardless of the issues arising out of Brexit and the resulting new rules for lawyers. Both organisations are committed to exchanging information on immigration and other areas affecting international practice.  

Law Society president, Stephanie Boyce said: "Having an open and welcoming regulatory system is one of the key strengths of the English and Welsh legal market. An important part of this approach is a strong relationship with our European counterparts, including the Rome Bar, based on mutual support and reciprocity."  She also pointed out that there is a growing community of Italian businesses operating in London, the ties between legal practitioners from both countries are now stronger than ever.

The president of the Rome Bar, Antonino Galletti said: "I warmly encourage everyone to celebrate this Memorandum of Understanding between the Rome Bar and the Law Society"

Intelligent pragmatic commercial advice underpins the framework of successful profitable businesses.  Our clients' businesses are distinct, each with a range of entirely different issues, which is why our lawyers' legal advice is bespoke and aimed at solutions and the avoidance of protracted disputes should there be the potential to arise.

Giambrone is ideally placed to assist UK businesses with their complex disputes across Europe and further afield, not only because of its many offices throughout the EU but also due to the firm's capacity to appear before a wide range of courts, up to and including the Hague, in Europe and beyond.  Our lawyers increasingly use arbitration as an alternative to litigation to resolve disputes, both private and those governed by international organisations such as the International Chamber of Commerce. 

The advantage of having comprehensive legal advice under one roof is significant as it reduces the time and money commonly associated with cross-border litigation.  Giambrone regularly delivers successful outcomes for our clients related to cross-border disputes.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.