The European Patent Office (EPO) had recently published a list of top patent application filers for vaccines in the fight against coronavirus.

It is no secret that pharmaceutical companies and universities are investing massively on R&D to find a cure against the disease coronavirus causes. Every company desires to carry the prestigious as well as profitable title to be the first developer of the cure against coronavirus.

The list of the EPO shows top companies which have filed most patent applications for vaccines before the EPO in pursuit to find a cure against coronavirus.

Wyeth is on the top of this list with over 180 patent applications.


The published list of the EPO reveals that the applicants from the United States are the top patent filers with 2480 patent applications followed by the applicants from the Netherlands with 304 applications before the EPO.

The list prepared by the EPO examiners also divides the vaccines into different categories and provides the class of such vaccines for individual search.

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