The Indonesian Government issued the Government Regulation Number 28 of 2019 (the Regulation). The Regulation concerns with the types and tariffs on Non-Tax State Revenue which is applicable to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (the Ministry). The government has said that official fees for all the intellectual property products will stand increased.

The Regulation came into effect on 3 May 2019 and is set to replace the previous regulation that is the Government Regulation Number 45 of 2016 which provided for the amount of the official fees in the Ministry.

The Regulation makes an adjustment for the official fees, mainly by increasing the fees for the following matters:

I. Industrial Design

Hike in official fees on as follows:

  1. Recording license agreement
  2. Submission on objection for rejecting the industrial design application
  3. Other post application services

II. Copyright

Increase in the fees for the following:

  1. Assignment
  2. license agreement
  3. change of name/address
  4. post-recordation services

III. Patent

Increase in the fees for the following:

  1. additional claims exceeding 10 claims
  2. additional page(s) of description exceeding 30 pages
  3. substantive examination request
  4. other post-application services
  5. Increase of patent annuity fees
  6. Addition of official fees on request to expedite the substantive examination

IV. Trademark

Increase in the fees for the following:

  1. trademark renewal
  2. assignment
  3. license agreement
  4. change of name/address
  5. post-recordation services
  6. trademark application under Madrid Protocol

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