It is not new that the regulatory and administrative bodies in the UAE are stringent about the protection of the intellectual property rights of all individuals.

An individual is currently on trial at the Dubai Misdemeanor Court for the possession and sale of counterfeit products.

As per the procedures, a formal complaint was filed by the trademark agent of the complainant (the trademark owner) with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, alleging that the accused is selling wire cutters (pliers) under a mark that actually belongs to another party (that is his client). As per the usual practice the complaints reviewed and analyzed by the DED. When found to be admissible, the store of the accused was raided, and the counterfeit goods were found and seized, thereafter resulting in the arrest of the accused.

During the course of interrogation, the accused confessed that he had the counterfeit products with the intention of selling them.

As per the UAE Trademark Law, no party is allowed to offer for sale any products, bearing a mark that is similar in design and shape to an already registered mark, or which belongs to another party (without their consent), which is likely to deceive the average consumer.


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