Dubai Customs registers 4,344 trademarks to protect intellectual property rights12

As it is a known fact, Dubai is the commercial hub of the Middle East and is a busy route for imports and exports. Due to the fact that it is a buzzing market, it is expected to face a lot of illegal encroachment of counterfeit/fraudulent products in the competitive market, hence requiring strict vigilance during the transition.

Dubai Customs plays a very important role to protect the intellectual property rights of registered trademark owners, and the society at large, from the hazards of counterfeit goods, and enhances the opportunities for traders and investors to make the highest return on investment.

Dubai Customs established the IPR Department in the year 2005, which enables trademark owners to register their mark with Dubai customs after it has been registered with the Ministry of Economy. This is called the recordal of the trademark with Dubai customs. Such recordal, protects a trademark owner, through several programs and plans including the trademark registration service, which enables trademark owners to counteract counterfeit goods and prevent them from entering the UAE through the border crossings in Dubai, with the aid of the Dubai Customs.

Trademark owners can register their trademarks through the Dubai customs website after these trademarks are registered with the Ministry of Economy. Registration of these trademarks helps curb any attempts to enter counterfeit goods into the country. The customs officers will monitor each shipment and in case they suspect that any shipment carries any counterfeit goods, they coordinate with the trademark owner, in order to seek assessment/verification if the goods are original/fake.

Dubai customs have registered 4,344 trademarks since the establishment of the IPR Department in 2005. In 2021 they registered 437 trademarks and in 2022 they have registered 231 trademarks so far.




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