Cybercrime is a global phenomenon that does not discriminate on the size of your organisation, whether you are in finance, manufacturing, national government, small business, or entrepreneur servicing the local community the very action is designed to exploit and profit from your business.

Cybercrime headlines have increased almost 150% since the breakout of COVID-19 in South Africa alone. Over 58 of our locally trusted brands have dealt with system outages and customer service disruptions, then determining whether to pay a ransom. The average cost to remediate ransomware attacks have cost South African companies R6,4 million per breach.

We prioritise your business and your challenges as our own.

95% of most cyber breaches targeting many organisations are caused by human error, networking “blind spots “, neglected system hygiene or system misconfigurations used in automated threat attacks, some of which may lay dormant in organisations for over 195 days on average.

SNG-Grant Thornton has enabled our Managed cyber security risk prevention program, offering value-added services to reduce “blind spots “and provide a fully enabled cyber risk prevention capability to you as our client.  Whether we are verifying and validating your current strategies, reviewing processes, consolidating technology investment, or enabling a fully preventative resilient strategy, we have the capability and support structures to ensure you stay ahead of the “BAD ACTORS”.

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