Benefits of Incorporating a Malta Company

Malta's competitive tax system, extensive network of Double Taxation Agreements, fast incorporation, and its English-speaking educated workforce make it an increasingly popular business vehicle for companies from all over the world to register a company in Malta. Whether one is in need for a Malta holding Company (to be used as part of an effective asset-holding structure), a Malta trading Company, a ship-owning Company, an investment vehicle or a captive insurance company, Malta provides several solutions to accommodate such requirements.

Malta Company Registration Procedure

A straightforward and online company setup

The steps to set up a company in Malta are very straightforward and can be done remotely or online without the need to travel. Our corporate service team can efficiently guide you through the whole process for a smooth registration of your Maltese company during a meeting or a call.

In order to form a company in Malta, you would need to:

  1. Fill in an online company application form. This will enable us to understand what type of Company is required and what annual services are required from our end.
  2. Complete the required due diligence documents on the directors and shareholders.
  3. Once these are received, our compliance team will review the documents.
  4. Once all is cleared, the memorandum and articles of the company will be drafted for signature. Original signed documents need to be sent to our attention by courier.
  5. Once received, the company will be set up within a few days.

Throughout the whole process, our team of dedicated professionals will also guide you on the following considerations:

  • The minimum share capital in Malta. This is €1,200 per company, of which 20% must be paid up, along with this, there is a disbursement fee of €320 payable to the authorities along with our professional fees.
  • Tax planning. As a brief overview, the Malta trading company will be taxed at 35% on trading profits, upon a distribution of dividends to the shareholder, the shareholder will become eligible to claim a tax refund on Malta tax paid of either 6/7, 5/7 or 2/3 depending on the stream of income, which will result in a net effective tax rate in Malta of roughly 5-10% depending on the refund claim.
  • Substance requirements. We will be able to guide you on the necessary substance required in Malta such as directors, shareholding, office space and/or employees which is becoming increasingly important to ensure that management and operations are being carried out from Malta to safeguard your company from international tax matters whilst adding value to your Malta Company.
  • Opening a Bank Account. Our experienced team can efficiently guide you through the various options available to open a bank account both in Malta and in other countries.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.