Rhythm, in the context of dancing, and everything else, is a sense of time. It's how we sense the duration between one moment and another. For someone who loves to 'sokkie' – someone like Senior Accountant, Lezaan Verster – that rhythm is defined by the time spent between two moments that repeats itself within a familiar pattern or process – stretched out or reduced to manipulate the feeling as though things are moving really fast or really slow.

Lezaan has been part of Barnard team for a few years now. "Everyone at the 'Barnyard' is part of a big family, young and energetic. I learn so much and it is a great feeling to know that I contribute to the success of this firm," she reports. "Working with our CFO, Jan Lotter, I learned so much from him about the rhythms of our business this past year, and he inspires me to learn more about topics in our accounting field. So, I will definitely want to improve on my accounting skills."

"From a professional perspective, I definitely want to contribute to Barnard Inc's strategy of becoming the go-to law firm in South Africa," she says. "It gives me the greatest pleasure to see how my work helps the company achieve its goals and contribute to our overall success." Other processes are more organic, rooted in love; "From a personal point of view I want to teach my children what I have learned from my mother and grandparents."

Barnard is a Strength-Based Organisation. Lezaan's CliftonStrengths® are a part of what makes her one fine member of the Barnard family.

  • Lezaan leads with the Consistency strength. She is keenly aware of the need to treat people equally. She loves stable routines and clear rules and procedures that everyone can follow.
  • Lezaan also has the Discipline strength. She enjoys routine and structure, and of course, that rhythm. Lezaan is becoming an expert at developing a rhythm from the different processes in her life. Some of her processes are deliberate – like joining the '5 AM club', striving to get her degree without failing any subjects, or becoming a member of South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) on her first attempt.
  • She also excels at the Harmony strength. She looks for consensus wherever possible, and prefers to reduce any conflict around her.
  • Lezaan also has the Relator strength. She thoroughly enjoys close relationships with others. Her colleague, Krystal Cochrane concurs. "Lezaan is a genuine, honest friend who is always there to give great advice. She always carries a positive and curious attitude towards everything and motivates me equally. She is one of the smartest ladies I know, who doesn't only excel in her work, but also in life."
  • Her Responsibility strength makes her an incredibly reliable person. She takes ownership of what she says she will do. She is deeply committed to stable values like honesty and loyalty.

In her downtime, Lezaan loves to cook and bake – especially something for the sweet tooth! She also enjoys the outdoors and going for an early morning walk in a nearby nature reserve on a weekend morning.

Lezaan, you are valued and appreciated and we're lucky to have you on our team!