Portland Partner and Chair of Lewis Brisbois' Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Sean B. Hoar recently spoke on CHATTINN CYBER's podcast for an episode titled, "The Ever-Increasing Danger of Cyberattacks," to discuss how businesses can maintain effective cybersecurity and prepare to respond to a cyber incident.

In the 30-minute discussion, Sean explained how he has helped clients approach cybersecurity as a long-term financial investment, describing the importance of identifying internal and external individuals who can work together to respond effectively to a breach. In summarizing the building blocks of cybersecurity, Sean explained, "Foundationally, make sure your security controls are in place, that you have an incident response plan, and that you are testing it." In addition, Sean discussed more specific, integral components of cybersecurity, including cyber insurance, annual tabletop exercises, and employee training. He also described his concerns regarding trends in the regulation of information security and the enforcement of related laws.

Sean, a former federal cyber attorney for the Department of Justice, has extensive experience managing responses to digital crises and is a frequent speaker and commentator on cybersecurity issues in the law, as well as a regular contributor to Lewis Brisbois' Digital Insights blog. Lewis Brisbois has been recognized by Advisen as the 2019 and 2020 "Cyber Law Firm of the Year," and its Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, led by Sean, has managed responses to thousands of data security incidents in all business sectors – from relatively simple device theft containing proprietary or consumer information, to catastrophic system compromises affecting millions of consumers.

Listen to the full CHATTINN CYBER podcast here.