Immigration New Zealand will be carrying out random work-site inspections this year, to check for illegal workers. There is a potential fine of $10,000 if your business is found to have a contractor or employee working unlawfully. This is even if you understood that the person had the correct visa. Also, having an unlawful worker, either an employee or contractor, could stop you being able to recruit other migrants, which is rather unhelpful in the current labour markett.

Of course, the vast majority of migrant workers will have the correct visa and be workinglawfully. However, if a migrant gets a promotion or moves to a new employer, he or shemay first need a new work visa. Also, often working holidaymakers accidentally worklonger than permitted. Therefore, it's important to sight original evidence of right to workbefore taking someone on. It's also important to monitor any temporary visas, to ensurethat no employee or contractor works too long or in an unpermitted role.

The online VisaView system, offered by Immigration New Zealand, is a good place to startwhen checking right to work. You can find this on the Immigration New Zealand website.However, VisaView offers limited information and it certainly won't remind you when aparticular worker's visa is about to expire. Therefore, it's best to have your own system forchecking right to work and for monitoring visa expiry dates and conditions. If you don'thave one already, you need to set one up now, and sight original evidence of right to workfrom all your current as well as future employees. We don't want you caught out when thework-site inspections start.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.