The Congress of the Union approved the Organic Law concerning the Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registry ("CFCRL" by its acronym in Spanish). Its creation derived from the amendments to the Federal Labor Law approved earlier this year and it is designed to apply within the framework of the proposed new commercial trade agreement among the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The Organic Law of the CFCRL was approved on November 15th, and it is sought to begin operations in 2020, once it is promulgated by the Federal Executive Administration.

The CFCRL will work as a decentralized public entity (decentralized agency) with its own legal personality and budget, full technical, operational, budgetary, decision-making and administrative autonomy. It will be based in Mexico City, and will operate through a number of different offices.

It is important to note that, within its functions, the CFCFL will be in charge of the registration of all Unions, the filing  of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Internal Labor Regulations, collective and individual labor conciliation process at a federal level, and the verification of validity on the democratic procedures within the unions.

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