What is HTP

High-Tech Park (hereinafter –HTP, or the Park) is a kind of privileged regime provided by the Republic of Belarus to companies conducting their business in IT sphere. The Park was founded in 2005. It is aimed at increasing the competitive capacity of the national economy through developing the information and communication technology (ICT). Decree No.8 "On digital economy development" (hereinafter — Decree No.8) dated 21.12.2017 has extended the duration of the Park's special legal regime till January 1, 2049.

The Belarusian Park's main feature (as compared to most similar foreign high-tech parks) is its principle of exterritoriality. That is, any legal entity meeting HTP requirements may become an HTP resident and make use of the respective benefits, regardless of its location in Belarus. 238 companies are registered in HTP as of March 14, 2018.

Moreover, HTP has its territories in Minsk where HTP's administrative buildings and offices of some HTP residents are located. In the future several public areas will be created on these premises, including educational- and-business area and a cultural area. The Park has an HTP business incubator and the Educational centre (www.itacademy. by), and HTP residents can choose new employees having received education in a specific IT sphere necessary for the employer.

6 HTP resident companies, according to IAOP, are among 100 best outsourcing companies worldwide – The Global Outsourcing 100®.

Companies from 67 countries around the globe are HTP's customers: 91% of software produced by HTP will be exported – 43.2% to the USA, 49.1% – to Western Europe, and 5.3% – to Russia and CIS.

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