4 October 2021

World Beyond The Universe: METAVERSE

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As the world came to a halt in the first quarter of 2020 due to the pandemic condition COVID-19, majority of the social events including weddings, conferences, festival celebrations, and even business meetings shifted online, ...
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As the world came to a halt in the first quarter of 2020 due to the pandemic condition COVID-19, majority of the social events including weddings, conferences, festival celebrations, and even business meetings shifted online, which no one would have preferred or imagined before pandemic. Nowadays, we have ample of options around us to connect with the digital world  to share data in form of photographs, feelings, emotions, with one another via this world and at the same time we can manage to maintain the uniqueness of one another in the digital world. Today's fast paced life indicates an alarming demand of making the world around us truly digital. This is why we are convinced that we're at the beginning of the real world and its digital twin inevitably, i.e. the Mirror World.

The digital age refers to the present time in which we use machines and smart computers to transmit information. Arguably the digital age has a major impact on our societies and in their day-to-day activities. While all that is true, can you also write your own fate in the digital world? The answer could be yes with-'metaverse'.

What is Metaverse?

Recently, the giant social networking platform- Facebook showcased interest in Metaverse and once again the word 'metaverse' has become talk of the town! The term Metaverse, was first tossed by Neal Stephenson, a well-known Science fiction writer, in 1992 in Snow Crash. At that time, metaverse appeared as a next in line thing to the Internet. Not just that, metaverse also described and established Stephenson's vision to what extent virtual reality–based internet might evolve into, in the near future. Literally speaking, the word 'metaverse' is a combination of the prefix "meta-" that means beyond and "-verse" from the word" universe.

Technically, metaverse may be understood as a collective virtual shared space. The collective virtual shared space is created by using brain-computer interface by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space which is a sum of all virtual worlds that augments reality and the internet. Therefore, one may think of Metaverse as a fully realized digital world that exists beyond the analog in which we live and is a fascinating new frontier. The internet revolution has been the fundamental brainwave for many new business designs. Facebook is all set to enable infrastructure for the 4th Industrial Revolution through the medium of virtual reality environment. Horizon and Live Maps, Niantic, Magic Leap, Microsoft and many others are also working on similar ambitious ideas to escape the real world. Video games such as Fortnite and Robloxin which players have ability to build their own world can be regarded as simple instances of metaverse tendencies. Similar tendencies are also being provided and used in majority of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Therefore, the upcoming revolution may be all about creating an endless connection as well as an interaction between the physical and the digital world. This has developed interest amongst many for metaverse and the rise in interest as well as patent filing trends relating to metaverse can be seen in statistical graph given below:


Simple instances of Metaverse which are commonly known and widely used include the user controlled Avatars as well as system daemons with online virtual bodies. It is a process of extending the physical world to its digital counterpart where software agents work as an Avatar which is a physical appearance within an ecosphere that allows its users to work in the parallel second life of physical world as a Mirror World. Building this Mirror World is a true challenge though. The infinity of this New World can neither be underestimated nor its possibility may be denied. Possibly in coming few years, we may be able to transform our physical world into digital world by co-building the Mirror World and advanced businesses in parallel.

Recently, many brands have become digital first by building their identity online before building an actual product. By doing so, they have set a metaverse that can result into their digital personas through content creation, and eventual expansion into products that connect with end user digitally. Consequently, there is a big chance for various brands to get ahead by embracing this digital future. Many companies have already applied and adapted to this new age of internet and social media so as not to lag behind their competitors in the new digital world. Those who understand this online culture, can expect fields like digital art and gaming experiences to prosper however, the true extent of metaverse is still unclear and unpredictable.

We are living in an age where digital devices have indubitably become one of the most important parts of our lives. Experts in the field of digital technology are trying to push their limits to develop more updated and advanced technology, even past our wildest imaginations. Digital world has given a new outlook to technology, which can now be used beyond expression and interactions, to a mode of entertainment, exploration and learning. For our physical world to be intertwined with artificial intelligence, we must first make it tech-friendly. There are many fields that are constantly and relentlessly trying to solve this complex challenge, these fields being computer vision and machine learning, ubiquitous networking, Block-chain with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Extended Reality (XR) with VR and AR and perhaps other newer technologies to name a few. By feeding data to artificial systems/computers, an attempt is being made to enable the resulting technology and devices to effectively interact with the human world in a way that acts in harmony with it. That being the case, these devices can be used to accumulate various important documents, confidential information, cryptic knowledge and pictures etc. in their memory with great credence for a very long duration and nobody can access them without our permission. Because of new technologies and inventions of machines, growth has also been made towards increasing production of goods and services and also delivering those goods to the appropriate place when needed. This helped a whole lot in concepts such as on-demand services, manufacturing and rapidly dropping technology costs, by making possible innovations in all aspects of industry and everyday life.

Imagine a world like a movie Ready Player One or game like Roblox where you can find and hunt for your own future. You will design your own fate where you can co-relate with your dream. The concept of metaverse is all about bringing all these ideas into virtual reality. Therefore, it is quite evident from the above how a digital revolution has brought significant changes in the outlooks of individuals and companies but this is just the beginning of what the internet could become next. The entire market concerned with future iteration of the internet called as spatial intelligence platforms, will explode and it certainly is just a matter of time. We're extremely thrilled to explore this new space and excited to see what comes next. To know more, and to get answers to your patent related queries write to us at

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