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As reported by, the Delhi High Court recently granted, as described by Justice Anish Dayal, a "dynamic+" injunction to Universal Studios, Netflix...
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The Delhi High Court granted major streaming platforms a "dynamic+" injunction, allowing immediate legal action against evolving digital piracy threats.

As reported by, the Delhi High Court recently granted, as described by Justice Anish Dayal, a "dynamic+" injunction to Universal Studios, Netflix, and other leading streaming platforms against 42 websites. This ruling marks a significant step forward in addressing the ongoing issue of copyright infringement in India's digital landscape.

Understanding the "Dynamic+" Injunction

At its core, the "dynamic+" injunction website blocking order is a legal tool designed to adapt to the fluid nature of the internet, where infringing websites frequently change domains and IP addresses to evade legal consequences. This type of injunction allows copyright holders to swiftly respond to these changes without requiring a new court order each time an infringement occurs. It's a robust measure that targets the 'hydra-headed' nature of digital piracy, as described by Justice Anish Dayal during the ruling.

The Case at Hand

The injunction was granted in response to an application by Universal Studios, Netflix, and their peers under Order XXXIX Rules 1 & 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (CPC), seeking to prevent unauthorised distribution of their copyrighted content. These platforms, renowned for their extensive libraries of films and series, argued for stringent protections to safeguard their intellectual properties.

Legal and Strategic Implications

This ruling is pivotal for several reasons. Firstly, it underscores the judiciary's recognition of piracy's severe impact on copyright holders, acknowledging the imminent and substantial risks of delayed legal action. Secondly, it sets a precedent for other jurisdictions, suggesting a more aggressive and proactive approach to copyright enforcement.

What Does the Injunction Entail?

The court's directives are comprehensive:

  • Prohibition of Infringement: The listed websites are immediately prevented from distributing or hosting the plaintiff's content.
  • Rapid Response Mechanisms: Upon notification, infringing domain names are to be blocked, and where possible, their registration details, including KYC and payment information, must be disclosed to the plaintiffs.
  • ISP and Governmental Coordination: Indian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must block access to infringing sites within 48 hours of notice, with oversight from the Department of Telecommunications and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Future Outlook and Industry Reactions

This injunction facilitates immediate legal action against identified offenders and extends to any new variants of infringing websites that emerge. It embodies a dynamic approach to a dynamic problem, reflecting a legal understanding as flexible as the digital pirates it aims to thwart.

As the case progresses, with the next hearing scheduled for September 12, 2024, industry stakeholders and legal experts will be keenly observing the effectiveness of this new legal tool. If implemented in additional jurisdictions, the success of the Indian "dynamic+" injunction site blocking order could well become a cornerstone of copyright enforcement strategy globally.

In conclusion, this landmark decision by the Delhi High Court is a call to copyright infringers everywhere: adaptability and prompt enforcement are the new norms in the quest to protect creative content in the digital age.

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