Following our previous client updates, we bring to your attention two most recent amendments to the Public Health Order (New Corona Virus) (Home Quarantine) (Temporary Order, 2020) ("Order"), published on March 5, 2020, and March 8, 2020, which provide updated information and definitions, with respect to the evolving restrictions and instructions applied in an attempt to contain the CoronaVirus:

New Instructions regarding the list of countries, the return from which shall mandate Home Quarantine

  • On March 5, 2020, San Marino and Andorra were added to the list of countries from which travelers must enter mandatory Home Quarantine. Most recently, earlier today, March 8, 2020, the Ministry of Health further added Egypt to this list. All these countries were added with retroactive effect.
  • Accordingly the full list of countries mandating Home Quarantine now includes China, South Korea, Italy, Hong-Kong, San Marino, Macao, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, France, Andorra, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria and Egypt.

New Instructions regarding mandated Home Quarantine following participation in International Conferences

  • As previously updated, there is an obligation to remain in Home Quarantine for those who attended an international conference.
  • The Order widely defines an "international conference" as "an organized gathering involving persons from one or more countries other than Israel" and an "organized gathering" as including sport events, conferences, presentations, and performances.
  • It was clarified that this obligation runs for 14 days from the last date the individual attended the international conference – not from the date the individual returned to Israel. This, of course, applies only with respect to conferences held in countries with respect to which there is otherwise no mandatory Home Quarantine for returning travelers.

New Additional Instructions regarding International Conferences in Israel.

  • It is prohibited to hold international conferences (as widely defined and cited above) in Israel. Please note that based on the definition, if individuals from just one other country (aside from Israel) participate, this will suffice to characterize the conference as "international".
  • It is prohibited to hold an organized gathering (as widely defined and cited above) with 5,000 or more participants in Israel, unless the gathering receives legal approval or special permission in accordance with the Public Health Order.
  • An individual who entered Israel from abroad within the last 14 days (even from a country with respect to which there is no mandatory Home Quarantine for travelers) may not participate in any organized gathering of 100 people or more.

New Instructions regarding employees with high fever

  • Any person with a body temperature of 38 degrees (Celsius) or greater may not participate in an organized gathering of 100 or more people and may not attend work at that person's workplace (or the location where that person performs services).
  • Such new obligation makes it reasonable for employers to inquire about such data (without derogating from any privacy law obligations such as that the use of such information may only be for the purpose for which it was obtained).

New obligations and instructions are anticipated

In a press conference held by the Prime Minister of Israel and the Ministry of Health, earlier this evening (March 8, 2020), the government clarified that it is seriously considering broadening the mandatory Home Quarantine to individuals returning from ALL countries. A final decision is expected to be published VERY SOON.

This update should be read in conjunction with our prior updates.

We will continue to update you on any developments and their significance.

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