Maltese Government has announced that it will be supporting local private companies in sectors that are mostly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and will subsidize the salaries of all employees of those companies with 800 euro with the condition that the company is willing to add additional 400 euro to that amount.

The measure was announced by Malta's Prime Minister, Roberta Abela and is being implemented to ensure that employees in the worst hit areas will not be laid off during the pandemic. Any employee in the most affected sectors of the Maltese Economy, like tourism and gastronomy will therefor receive a 1,200 salary.

This measure is said to affect more than 60.000 employees in Malta and will cost the national budget around 44 million euro per month.

Robert Abela, supported by the representatives of the social partners has mentioned that for sectors, such as manufacturing and warehousing the Maltese government will pay per one day of work per week pro rata based on a salary of 800 euro per month per employee with the option of increasing to two days of work. This measure will support additionally around 50.000 employees in Malta and cost 17 million euro every month.

This aid mechanism is already the second financial support introduced by the government to shield local private businesses from the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic.

Measures in effect

Parents of children who both work in private sector and where it has been decided that one of the parents will need to stay at home amid school closures in Malta, will continue receiving a 800€ monthly salary paid by the government. This is said to benefit more than 12.000 Families in Malta and cost around 19 million euro over 2 months.

Further any disabled persons who work in the private sectors and are registered with JobsPlus and need to stay at home during the pandemic based on vulnerability to the virus will also receive a 800 euro of monthly benefits by the government. This measure will cost the country further 2 million euro in 2 months.

Those employees who still get laid off during the pandemic will receive a 800 euro salary per month from 9th of March onwards. This measure will also affect the self-employed persons, who can prove that their financial income affected by the pandemic.

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