Presidential Decree dated 1 June 2016 On the simplification of the e-visa issuance procedure and the creation of the "ASAN Visa" system

A new Decree was signed in order to simplify the procedure for issuing visas to foreigners and stateless persons arriving in Azerbaijan, as well to create an e-visa system, ensuring transparency and efficiency with the use of modern information technologies.

The State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations (ASAN)

According to the Decree, ASAN Service was instructed to establish the "ASAN Visa" system to provide foreigners and stateless persons with electronic visas. Draft regulations on the "ASAN Visa" system are to be submitted by ASAN to the President within one month.

According to the Decree, the "ASAN Visa" system will provide the following:

  • Foreigners and stateless persons will directly apply for an "ASAN Visa";
  • They will submit the required information for obtaining an electronic visa and make online payments directly to the "ASAN Visa" system;
  • The issuance of an electronic visa shall take place within three working days;

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MFA)

According to the Decree, an electronic visa will be issued only to citizens of states included on the list approved by MFA, as well as stateless persons residing in such countries.

Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 6 May 2016 On Amendments to the Migration Code Presidential Decree dated 1 June 2016 On Implementation of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan No 223-VQD dated 6 May 2016 On Amendments to the Migration Code

Newly published amendments to the Migration Code appear to exempt from the work permit requirement the heads and deputy heads of legal entities established in the Republic of Azerbaijan "where the founder or at least one of the founders is a foreign legal entity or a [foreign] physical person." These amendments to the Migration Code should make the migration status of the heads and deputy heads of local companies the same as those working in branches and representation offices of foreign legal entities in Azerbaijan.

A further amendment to the Migration Code exempts from the work permit requirement specialists engaged in shipbuilding activity contracted by residents of the Garadagh Industrial Park and contractors thereof established by citizens and legal entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The qualifying specialists must have higher education or relevant professional education in the relevant area and must have at least one year of working experience in this area.

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