Key Points  

  • Updates to vaccination certificate  
  • Official launch and expansion of Exemption from Quarantine Scheme  


The government of Thailand  announced an updated vaccine certificate called the "COVID-19 Certificate of Vaccination." Further, the government outlined details concerning the requirements for the vaccine certificate and launched a  new scheme for certain travelers to be exempt from quarantine. Individuals vaccinated in Thailand who would like to obtain a COVID-19 Certificate of Vaccination will require the following documents: 

  • A completed COVID-19 vaccination certificate demonstrating full vaccination from an approved two-dose or a single-dose vaccine; and 
  • A passport with an expiry date of no more than six months from date of entry 

Currently, three offices can issue the COVID-19 vaccination certificate if an appointment is secured through the Mor Phrom Application.  

Thailand's Exemption from Quarantine (Test and Go) scheme was launched on Nov. 1, 2021 for international travelers entering Thailand. Under this scheme, travelers are exempt from Thailand's quarantine requirements if they receive a negative RT-PCR test taken on the first day of arrival. This scheme is only open for travelers who are fully vaccinated. All other travelers are required to undergo a 10-day mandatory quarantine at a government approved facility. Travelers must arrive through the international airports of Suvarnabhami, Don Mueang, Mai, U-Tapao, Buriram or Phuket to be eligible for the Exemption scheme. For a list of countries approved to enter Thailand click  here.  

What are the Changes? 

In October 2021, the government of Thailand announced allowance of travel from more countries beginning Nov. 1, 2021. This newest announcement expands details for fully vaccinated travelers who enter under the country's Exemption from Quarantine scheme. Thailand has also launched its COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate and released details regarding the requirements for obtaining the certificate.  

Looking Ahead 

Continue to check the government of Thailand's  website and Envoy's  website for additional information.  

Originally published 08 November 2021

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