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Consent on the internet means "opting-in" in Europe

Eduardo Ustaran and Katie McMullan discuss why cookie consent continues to be an issue in the EU.

How blockchain might change the whole fashion industry – and safeguard the authenticity of your goods

Yvonne Draheim and Sabrina Ducker discuss how blockchain can be used in the fashion industry to ensure the origin, quality, and authenticity of fashion products and to prevent the purchase and sale of fake products.

As retailers continue to wage war on the battlefield of e-commerce, is technology the weapon of choice?

Marco Berliri and Meryl Bernstein discuss how technology redefines the customer experience.

New EU regulation on geo-blocking impacts all online retailers selling within the EU

Nils Rauer and Oliver Wilson discuss the new EU rules for geoblocking.

How will 3D printing challenge IP rights?

Yvonne Draheim and Sabrina Ducker discuss the impact of 3D printing on IP rights.

Are your calls and texts compliant? If not, reply HELP

Mark Brennan discusses how retailers face a growing risk of class action litigation and regulatory enforcement actions involving the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Hopping onto the shopper analytics bandwagon? – Data privacy perspectives from Asia

Eugene Low and PJ Kaur discuss the impact of brick and mortar stores using analytic technologies to create a personalized shopping experience.

Best? No.1? Superlatives and other advertising pitfalls in Asia

Eugene Low and Helen Xia discuss China's Advertising Law and issues to be aware of to avoid business risks.

The FTC sinks its teeth into subscription sales

Lillian Hardy and Bret Cohen discuss how the FTC is using the Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act (ROSCA) to crack down on companies using online subscriptions in their business model.

Beware: "Clean-", "Nature-", "Organic-" and "Health-" labelling can lead to legal trouble in the EU

Christiane Alpers discusses the rules restricting clean labeling claims in the EU.

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