Government Agreement 10-2017, in force as of February 1st, 2017, approves the Agreement 1377, dated August 9, 2016, issued by the Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security. The Agreement, allows employers in the public and private sectors to bring to date their outstanding obligations, exonerating them from surcharges contemplated in the Regulation on collection of the Social Security. Following, a summary of the Agreement:

  1. The purpose of Agreement 1377 is to exonerate public and private sector employers from surcharges, procedural costs and legal interest, penalties for arrears, administrative expenses and compensatory interest that have accrued prior to the date of the Agreement.
  2. To be exonerated, employers must:

    1. be affiliated to the System of Generation, Transmission, Validation and Payment of Social Security in electronic form; and
    2. within the term of the Agreement, pay all the amounts owed, or sign a payment agreement with the Institute.
  1. The exoneration can be obtained within 6 months, counting from February 1st, 2017.
  2. The payment agreement must comply with several requirements, among them:

    1. must be subscribed for the total debt that the employer has with the Institute at the time of its execution;
    2. The term of the payment agreement must be up to 60 months;
    3. Social Security forms of the due periods must be presented;
    4. payments must be made monthly and in equal installments; among others

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