The considerable efforts that the Tunisian government have made to attract inward investment are paying off.  National Pen, global promotional pen and corporate gift company, is moving part of its operation from Dundalk, Co. Louth in Ireland to Tunisia.  National Pen established its headquarters in Co. Louth 32 years ago and is anxious to assure their employees that there will be minimal disruption to staff, stating that any new roles created will be relocated to Tunis as will any new vacancies arising from staff leaving.  The transition will take place over time with natural staff losses and recruitment in Tunis.  Dundalk will remain the backbone of the sales efforts in Europe.

National Pen further stated, "our expansion into Tunis has been a necessary initiative in order to continue to secure our place as a top global promotional products company in an increasingly competitive industry."  There can be little doubt that Tunisia now is a very attractive location for global organisations having swept away most of the limitations and restrictions that previously presented an off-putting environment to do business in.  

The Tunisian government's new initiatives offer one of the most flexible business environments, allowing companies to bring in a substantial number of their own experienced foreign workers (up to 30% of the management) to help establish the business in its new location which provides sufficient staff to run the business and to train newly recruited local employees.  The percentage of foreign workers drops down to 10% of foreign management staff after four years which allows the new recruits plenty of time to bed in and be able to take over running the business.  

Depending on the nature of the business and the type of worker required, there is a cost-effective well trained well-educated workforce available in Tunisia as well as highly competitive office costs.

National Pen is just one of many global enterprises sizing up Tunisia as a location for all or part of their company.  International business has become increasingly competitive and many locations are becoming far too expensive for firms to either manufacture their products or site large administration or industrial plants due to staff costs and commercial real estate costs.  Tunisia's growth rate has significantly risen since January 2018 as international enterprises see the benefits that can be gained and relocate.

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